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Self evidence #punday   #pundaysunday   #selfiehttp://click-to-read-mo.re/p/96ms/5224737e

Self evidence

#punday   #pundaysunday   #selfie


Respect Other peOple’s way Of thinking……http://click-to-read-mo.re/p/96mp/5224737e

Respect Other peOple’s way Of thinking……


Save me, save me from the falling rain #AZmonsoon   #Lightninghttp://click-to-read-mo.re/p/96mq/5224737e

Save me, save me from the falling rain

#AZmonsoon   #Lightning


On Friday August 28th, Google officially ended the authorship initiative, at least that part that was driven by rel=author tags.  As it’s “First Tuesday” +David Amerland +Mark Traphagen and I will discuss what this all means. This power packed show will cover:

1. The history of the program
2. What went wrong with it
3. The value of the concept of Authorship
4. What to expect in the future

The show will air at 1 PM ET (Boston time) on Tuesday September 2nd. Just say YES to get access to the video for live or later viewing.  I will also share the link here for mobile viewers.

Please re-share the event, or invite others, to help spread the word!  We appreciate your help!

You can also see the definitive article on this announcement written by +Mark Traphagen and I here: http://searchengineland.com/goodbye-google-authorship-201975


I really liked this electronica  take on Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game. Perhaps you will too.


Definitely This! <3http://click-to-read-mo.re/p/96l0/5224737e

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